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When it comes to making decisions about your body and family, knowledge truly is power. Extend Fertility encourages you to learn more about your own fertility and all of your family building options. Although we believe that egg freezing can be the right choice for many women, you should be confident in your decision before committing to it. To this end, we want to provide you with a wealth of valuable information straight from doctors, egg freezing clients and the press for you to learn from.

As you explore your fertility options, please realize that you are not alone.  Although you might not hear about them, countless women before you have struggled with the very same issues.  Read what some women have said about their personal fertility journeys and how they made the decision to free their eggs.

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There is no substitution for sound medical advice. Learn why egg freezing is a viable option for many women from some of the most experienced fertility preservation doctors in the world.

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Extend Fertility and egg freezing have been profiled in many of the nation’s leading local and national publications. Read why these credible sources believe that extending the limits of female fertility may spark the next reproductive revolution.

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