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Extend Fertility takes great pride in helping to empower women to feel more in control of their bodies and lives. Read what our clients are saying about freezing their eggs and working with Extend Fertility.

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Client Profiles

Megan (age 36), Classical Acupuncturist Seattle, WA
On why she decided to freeze her eggs:
“I was starting to feel that my desire to have children was putting pressure on my current relationship… deciding to freeze my eggs helped me to separate the issues – yes, I want to have children, yes, I am in a relationship, but my desire to have children shouldn't cloud whether we should be having children together. I don’t want to have children until I feel emotionally and financially prepared.”

On how she feels now:
“It is a very empowering process. I know there are no guarantees in this world, but it is a fantastic feeling to know I've done what I can to preserve my fertility along the way. Somehow it was really affirming of what I want in my life, even though I am not having children right this minute. I know I want to be a mother more strongly than when I began… It has removed some of the judgment of myself and self-criticism of wishing I had done this or that differently, or some blame I've placed on myself for not having children yet. I feel far less anxious about the future, no matter what the outcome - whether I get pregnant naturally at some point, whether I use these eggs, whether I adopt. Now it’s just more about becoming a mother eventually than judging my body for being not the "perfect" age biologically.”

On working with Extend Fertility:
“I felt very supported by the women at Extend - like they were truly my partners in this adventure, to help me and women like me to have more choices in the future. The women at Extend are smart, capable, kind women, there to help me achieve this thing I want. Working with Extend was so refreshing compared with trying to explain to others, even doctors, why I was worried about my fertility, and not having them get it or just give trite answers (like, “why make a such a big deal about this?”, “you're plenty young”, etc.). I really liked having these women support me in making the possibility of preservation real.”

On advice for other women:
“Listen to yourself. Consider what is most important to you, and don't worry about what other people have to say about it. Nobody can know but you what is truly important to you and how you want to make that happen. When I decided I was going to do it, and was in the process of it, I talked very openly to people about it as it was happening... At the coffee shop...how are you today? I'm great! I'm freezing my eggs! Because I found the experience totally empowering.”

Alexandra (age 34), Pharmaceutical Sales Boston, MA
On why she decided to freeze her eggs:
“Having a family has always been incredibly important to me and working in the medical community made me all too aware of the fact that my aging eggs could potentially jeopardize that dream. I also didn’t want to rush into a marriage that wasn’t right solely to have children. This has removed the pressure.”

On how she feels now:
“I feel truly amazing…Relieved! I work in the women’s health care arena so I’m constantly bombarded with the scary biological clock story. I realized last week that I was listening to yet another horrifying presentation on the perils facing future mothers over 30 and for the first time I didn’t having a panic attack! I realized that I had taken control and done what I could to ensure the best chance of having a healthy and happy baby in the future. It’s also really nice that now thinking about having a family brings a sense of excitement because it just seems like much more of a reality and not a deadline that I am terrified of missing.”

On working with Extend Fertility:
“I did a lot of research and several of the fertility clinics I contacted that advertised egg freezing just didn’t seem to know much about it - I often felt like they were reading from a script. They also made me feel like I would be a peripheral patient because I wasn’t doing IVF – freezing eggs was just not what they specialized in. Then I contacted Extend and it was totally different. It was amazing and reassuring to work with women who had actually frozen their eggs themselves! I didn’t have to justify why I was pursuing egg freezing…they totally got me. The best part was that they had actually taken the medications and had their own eggs frozen so they really knew what they were talking about and what I could expect. I can’t say enough about the confidence they instilled in me and the emotional support they provided me at every step.”

On advice for other women:
“If you’re over 33 and single or involved in a fast track career you must consider this now. I promise it will change your life. The women at Extend will absolutely help you. You will NEVER regret having frozen eggs…but you could very seriously regret not having preserved them when you had the chance.”

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