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Egg Freezing Process

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Egg Freezing Process

Egg freezing can be done safely and effectively in three convenient steps:

STEP 1: Consultation & Qualification

During your Initial Complimentary Phone Consultation with a representative from a fertility clinic, you will learn about fertility and egg freezing as a reproductive health option. The representative will also walk you through the egg freezing process and provide you with valuable information regarding cost considerations and next steps.

The representative can arrange for you to meet with a Reproductive Endocrinologist for a Medical Consultation at their fertility center to determine your candidacy for the egg freezing procedure. The physician will consider your personal situation, general and reproductive health, medical history and results of blood tests and a vaginal ultrasound in determining your appropriate treatment. The physician will be available to answer any questions you might have about the benefits and risks, timing and next steps of the egg freezing process.

STEP 2: Medication*

If your physician determines that you are a good candidate for egg freezing, you may begin the egg freezing process. Before taking any medications, you may be asked to complete an infectious disease blood panel necessary to store eggs in a cryostorage facility. Your physician will prescribe common fertility medications which will help your body produce and mature multiple eggs for freezing. The physician’s team will help you order these medications at a specialty pharmacy and teach you how to take the medication. You will take the medications for about 10 days while visiting your center regularly for ultrasounds and check-ups to ensure that you are responding well to the treatment. If you do not live near your center, the fertility clinic will help you arrange to be monitored by another center closer to your home.

STEP 3: Preservation*

At the end of the medication cycle your eggs will be collected during a 30-minute outpatient procedure at the fertility center. Your recovery time should be about an hour. Collected eggs are evaluated for quality and maturity, and all viable mature eggs are preserved using the most advanced cryopreservation techniques available. The frozen eggs are then stored in a storage facility, where they safely remain until you decide to use them. If and when you decide to use your preserved eggs, you would contact the fertility clinic to embark on the reimplantation process – thawing the eggs and then following a standard in vitro fertilization (IVF) cycle using a partner’s sperm to create and implant embryos to produce a pregnancy.

*Your physician will discuss any possible complications relating to your treatment with you in detail.

Cost Considerations

Extend Fertility believes that fertility preservation is a proactive and worthwhile investment in your future family.  There are several options which may impact your out-of-pocket costs:

Employee Flex Spending Plan

Your employer may offer a medical “flex” spending account, which allows you to set aside pre-tax dollars to pay for medical expenses. Please contact your employer for more details regarding availability and coverage.

Insurance Coverage

Extend Fertility is not aware of the availability of insurance coverage for elective fertility preservation. However, we encourage you to contact your insurance provider directly to understand your personal coverage plan and eligibility as they may cover parts of the procedure.

The cost of treatment varies depending on the center you choose. Please contact us at info@extendfertility.com or 800-841-7197 for a center-specific quote from a clinic representative.

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Extend Fertility is a company created and run by women. We are dedicated to empowering fellow women to take control of their fertile lives through a powerful break-through service, known as “egg freezing.”

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