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‘Bachelor’ Winner Whitney Bischoff Froze Her Eggs

Whitney Bischoff who was proposed to on national television on “The Bachelor” talks about her personal decision to freeze her eggs. She froze her eggs when she was 27, and calls the move “an insurance policy.” “Well, I mean, the hope is that you don’t have to use them. You know?” she said. “I mean, that’s the whole point of an insurance policy. You don’t ever want to have to use it. But if you need it, that’s when, it’s there.” Read ‘Bachelor’ Fiancee Whitney Bischoff Reveals She Froze Her Eggs (ABC News).

Watch ‘Bachelor’ Winner Opens Up About Decision to Freeze Eggs (Good Morning America)

Read ‘Bachelor’ Baby News! Whitney Bischoff’s Big Revelation About Starting a Family with Chris Soules (Extra TV)

Egg Freezing Offers Chance at Motherhood

Freeze My Eggs – Please! (Jewish Daily Forward)

“Three weeks after the retrieval, a friend set me up with Aaron: a smart, gorgeous, half-Israeli, 36-year-old single father. We’ve been dating for eight months, and recently spoke of our wish to have kids. I was relieved I could tell him, “Don’t worry, I’m in no rush because I recently froze time.”

Read “Freeze My Eggs-Please!” in which Susie Kanter shares her personal experience freezing her eggs and how egg freezing gives many a chance at motherhood.


-Susie Kantar has been published in the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, and Cosmopolitan Magazine. She is currently working on a memoir.


Why Do Women Know So Little About Their Own Fertility (Aeon Magazine)

Women in their 30s and 40s exhibit a mix of wishful thinking and woeful ignorance when it comes to their fertility. Why?

“A 42-year-old single friend tells me she is thinking of freezing her eggs. I nod with a tight, fake smile. I’m torn: on the one hand, I know how tough everything to do with fertility is because my husband and I have been trying to have a baby since we got married three and a half years ago when I was 41 and he was 45. On the other hand, going through this, and writing about it for The New York Times Motherlode blog, I’ve amassed a vast trove of information about in vitro fertilisation (IVF), egg-freezing and women’s fertility…….” READ FULL ARTICLE

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New Work Perk: Egg Freezing (HuffPost Live)

Extend Fertility, CEO, Christy Jones weighs in on Facebook and Apple’s move to pay for female employees to have their eggs. “The great news is it brings more choice to women……this is the next frontier of offering women more choices……I think it’s really wonderful that these companies are so forward looking.” Watch here.


Perk Up: Facebook and Apple Now Pay for Women to Freeze Their Eggs (NBC News)

Apple and Facebook offer women a game-changing perk as they will pay for women to freeze their eggs. “The attitude toward egg freezing is very different,” and more positive, than just a few years ago, said Christy Jones, founder of Extend Fertility, a company that offers and promotes egg freezing across the country. Women are making the proactive decision to freeze their eggs at a younger age, and the choice is “more one of empowerment than ‘this is my last chance.'” Read more here.

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