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Egg Freezing – Preserve Your Fertility

At birth, all females have about 1 million eggs. By puberty, a woman’s egg reserve has declined by 50% and each month thereafter, she will lose an additional 750 eggs. Beginning in a woman’s 20’s, the eggs not only begin to diminish in quantity, but also in quality. Significant deterioration occurs after the age of 35. The end result is that as a woman ages, it becomes increasingly difficult, and eventually impossible for her to conceive a healthy baby naturally due to the age of her eggs.

There is good news. Research has found that when women use eggs donated to them by younger women, they can achieve the same pregnancy success rates as women in their 20's. Egg freezing provides a way for women to be their own donors. Women can have their eggs retrieved at a younger age and preserve them using cryopreservation technology. When a woman is ready to get pregnant, she has her younger eggs available to increase her chances of success.

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Egg Freezing Process

Step 1: Consultation & Qualification

During your Initial Complimentary Phone Consultation with a representative from a fertility clinic, you will learn about fertility and egg freezing as a reproductive health option. The representative will also walk you through the egg freezing process in detail and provide you with valuable information regarding cost considerations and next steps.

If you would like, the representative can arrange for you to meet with a physician for a Medical Consultation at a fertility center to determine your candidacy for the egg freezing procedure. The physician will consider your personal situation, general and reproductive health, medical history and results of blood tests and a vaginal ultrasound in determining your appropriate treatment. The physician will be available to answer any questions you might have about the benefits and risks, timing and next steps of the egg freezing process.

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